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Personal Tax Return Filing April 30
Personal Tax Return with Self-Employment Income Filing June 15
Payment of Tax Owing April 30
RRSP Contributions March 1 (Feb. 29)
Corporate Tax - Private Corporations Filing 6 months from fiscal year end
Payment of Corporate Tax Owing 2 months from fiscal year end
US Tax Return April 15
Trust Return 90 days from fiscal year end
Deceased Jan 1st to Date of Death Short tax year

Things to bring:

Following is the list of items you should bring to us, to make your filing experience as smooth as possible:

Personal Return

  • Personal Identification - Social Insurance Number, Full Name, Mailing Address, Date of Birth, Telephone Number, Email Address, Marital Status
  • Dependent Details - Name, Date of Birth, SIN, Net Income, Fitness Activity Receipts, Musical
  • Income Slips - T4, T5, T3, T4A, T5007, T4E, T4 RSP, T4A (OAS), T4A (P), etc.
  • Tax Deduction Receipts - Rent Receipt, RRSP, Child Care, Moving Expense, Union Dues, etc.
  • Specialty Deduction Claims - Receipts for Clergy Residence, Northern Residency, Employment Expenses
  • Tax Credits - Official Tuition Receipts, Donation Slips, Medical Receipts, Public Transit Passes
  • Installment Payment Details
  • Prior Year Tax Return / Notice of Assessment

Business / Self-Employment Return

  • Incorporation Documents – Business number, Incorporation number, Fiscal Period, Previous Notice of assessment
  • Details of Income - Including GST Collected
  • Detailed Break-up of Expenses - Business Related Purchases, Advertising, Telephone, Home Office, Motor Vehicle, Office Expenses, Travel, Entertainment, etc.
  • Capital Assets - Purchased and Used for Business Purposes
  • Details of Ownership - Proprietary, Partnership, Directorship
  • Vehicle Log Book - For Business Use